3 more days to 6 months


So sorry that I have been effing busy with work and etc. I have finally settled with bridal clothes including Mr’s. Nonetheless, I may still need to find for a blazer or vest because he is a plus sized, and they happen to not have it in his size. Thankfully, he already has a black long sleeve smart shirt and smart pants. They recommended to buy off shelf or rent if its cheaper. I can say Kak Ira from KKB is so nice, she has been helping and suggesting alot. Well maybe I can find plus sized blazer and such from Mustafa Centre or marks and spencer. Apart from that, everything else have settled from recce to topping up additional price for the tentage. So now left booking of void deck fo cooking, register at ROMM and booking of Tok Kadi. The main 3 items left.

I will be having the very first bridesmaids meeting this Friday cum iftar session. I’m quite excited and pray that everything goes well. In total, I have 1 Maid of Honour and 7 bridesmaids, followed by 10 Groomsmen. Massive. hahaha but despite of these girls not being open yet, they have been quite helpful in one way or another sponsoring things like tudungs, brooches for bridesmaids and voluntered to become my delivery service to collect things the day before. Oh and my MOH’s mum will be doing my henna like how she did for my engagement. I’m always fine with her design and put my whole trust on her, perhaps because I grew up with my bestfriends family.

The groomsmen together with the groom himself, have been abit slow in deciding their outfits as always haha unless they need a push from me. Guys are always guys hahaha.

But then, I still need to go for the 2nd appt with Seri Wani on the choosing of food and pelamin design, as well as the additional things that my mum wants, but she will paying for those so I’m fine with it.

Ya Allah, in this Ramadhan, I pray that I am given that strength to do terawih regularly be it at home or in the mosque. I pray that all the wedding preparations will go well. I pray that all the wedding savings will be enough and I pray that our marriage will blessed with so much love and barakah from Allah. Amin. Doa during Ramadhan are one of those doas that Allah will fulfill so never stop praying.

With this, Salam Ramadhan to all Muslims (: Wasalam.


8 more months

Assalamua’laikum! (:
I wanted to update but time is never friendly to me. Even if I’m at home, I would be too tired by then due to work. 8 more months sounds like a new preggy woman waiting patiently for this 8 months to pass till she meet her beloved that she has been carrying in her stomach. One word, patience. I was filled with a lot of emotions these days for Allah knows why.

Oh well, back to wedding preps. Hmm, I think I’m quite systematic that I have settled all major vendors since 2 years back, also settled with berkats for both our sides, to hantaran gifts, to wedding venue and even wedding shoes. Hehh. Work commitment made me do everything as early as possible and like I said when I’m home, I will be very tired by then. I’m left with minor ones like bunga pahar, sireh dara, bunga rampai, bunga mangga and printing of all designs. Yess! haha printing of all designs. I even finished designing for wedding cards, directions and hantaran tags. Just left printing. hehehe. A designer hands normally do it when she is having so much passion and inspiration. Nahhh, thats a lie haha. I often design for work events too, and everything are urgent. Sooo I put myself to designing my personal things as urgent too cause last minute work is not good. For my hantaran trays, I will be reusing the ones I bought for engagement 2 years back, will just redecor it. For ET (Encik Tunang) hantaran trays, I bought from carousell a couple of months ago at an affordable price and still so niceee, modern contemporary kind. Well perhaps, once I start to slowly decor all the trays and arrange all the gifts, In Shaa Allah after raya, I will have those photos up (:

We will be going to Kahwin Kawin Bridal at Midview city on the 18th of next month. I’m actually excited for it because its the selection and first fitting. Wahhh, I’m so into this. Hahaha! I remembered confidently telling ET, its at mid valley. He laughed out loud and said sembarang je. Midview city laaa. Haha. I told him, he will choose the colours but I choose design. He’s very good when comes to shopping and choosing clothes or tudungs or bags for me, so I believe in his taste because I can be fickle-minded sometimes. I believe those brides in 2017 might be wondering which bridal is the best so far. When I had to choose my bridal 2 years back, I narrowed down to this 3, Peti Solek, The Wedding Brocade & Kahwin Kawin bridal. The fact that, I used to be a malay dancer, I have tried all kinds and I mean it all kinds of make up and head gear. I became so used to it that I opted out head gear from my wedding accessories. I want it to be more into me, more of me. I love anything floral, soft coloured and clean. So those 3 always portray minimalist kind of dresses and make up. Also I’m very particular of the style of tudung. Like everyone said, tudung must follow syariat. Their dresses are very intricate with embroideries, lace and etc. It’s simple but it’s something. Nonetheless, I settled down with Kahwin Kawin bridal because peti solek took some time to reply and their prices are abit too high. For The Wedding Brocade, I think their dresses look nicer on those without hijab. Kahwin Kawin bridal, settled me with a warmth feeling each time I look at their customers photos every wkend in their instag especially. They are not shy to show how their customers look like with their make up and their dresses. And I believe seeing vendors keep on marketing that way, made you have faith in them. The last time I met Kak Ira, she was nice, pretty and friendly of course. She asked me if I have surveyed others or perhaps I already know what I want. And she did asked if I’m into feathers, those vogue kind then perhaps Kahwin Kawin bridal is not the one. Every bridal has its own uniqueness and I agree. I think I said it before, give me any florals, soft colour and minimalist, I would fell in love with it because thats me. Alhamdulillah, thats the one! haha. So follow your heart and ask yourself what exactly suits you best (: Ohhh and do try to book them like now or better 2 years before for those brides of 2018 or 2019, prices increase every year and normally, these bridals will be fully booked very fassttt.

I will put up the list of vendors in one of the menus so you can scroll2 throughh. Signing off for today. Have a great day, everyone! (: ❤

The Start

Assalamua’laikum. Wow! It has been years or should I say a decade I ever made myself dedicate to a blog. I have been reading a lot of BTB’s blog for references, or practically when I’m bored. Hehe. So I thought why not, let’s start one. I’m so shy to say that I myself is also a BTB for this year too in mid Dec 2016, In shaa Allah (: For a start in this blog, I do not want to overwhelm myself with writing the list need to do and not or things that I have bought or not. Even though, I believe I’m almost done. Pretty efficient! Haha, Astaghfirullah self-praise 😛

Let’s start with a few sneak peek pre-wedding photos taken in Whitley Secondary School with alumni friends and of course, ET (Encik Tunang). Decided to do it in March recently because its the only school holiday that is not in Ramadhan or practically not too near to my wedding date and with lesser students around. I’m really thankful for it because it definitely brought back memories for all of us. We celebrated friendship and love. Both of us got to know each other 10 years back in Whitley Secondary School. Both of us were known for each other’s talent, his was as a rapper and mine as a malay dancer and a modern one too. 10 years filled with so much sadness and happiness. For now, let the photos taken from AlfrescoExpress take you through. Best photography skills from them indeed (: